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Psychedelics & the future of mental health

The guiding principle of Psychedelics Anonymous is to assist the advancement of psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Managing mental wellness is an infinite loop. At Psychedelics Anonymous, we recognise the intangible but very real weight of our mental health and the impact it has on the life we want to be living.

When Mind Medicine Australia reached out to us to engage our community to lodging applications in support of psychedelics and MDMA as a treatment option for Australians with treatment-resistant mental health challenges – our community and followers rose to the occasion – delivering an incredible amount of public submissions leading to a policy change. Truly, a historic moment – not just for our project, but for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and treatment-resistant depression in Australia.

We are on a resolute path of advocacy, change, and adoption.

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The TGA approves the use of some psychedelic substances for mental heAlth treatment

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Dr. Dennis McKenna Ph.D.
Symbiotic Harmony – Plant medicines, consciousness and intelligence in nature.


The Zero Hour

The Zero Hour

Our series of discussions with industry leaders in psychedelic research – hosted by Btabs.


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